Silver filtration string wound cartridge give genuine profundity filtration, high dirt holding capacity, and to a great degree low media relocation. Wound cartridges provide true depth filtration utilizing thousands of tapered filtering passages of controlled size and shape. Each layer of roving contributes to true depth filtration by trapping its share of particles. Particularly critical is the accessibility of filters in a relatively perpetual mix of media and core material, to deal with practically any compound as well as condition or temperature. There is two type string wound cartridge: Standard string wound cartridge (O.D.: 2.5” ) and Big blue or Jumbo string wound cartridge (O.D.: 2.5” ), We offer string wound filter cartridges OEM benefit with an aggressive cost!   Application :   Process/Potable Water Pre-Filtration for Membranes and Reverse Osmosis Systems Food and Beverage Ground Water Remediation chemical industry, Oil and Solvents     Various End Cap Polypro-226 PolyPro Core Extender Flat / Closed Poly-222 Fin    

● 100% polypropylene –inert material, excellent micro-organism resistance

● high soil holding limit and longer life as particles are tapped all through the whole cross segment of the filter

● Extensive variety of designs to guarantee process similarity

● High residue holding limit with regards to longer time between cartridge changes

● No chemicals to drain out with new liquefy turning and yarn shaping procedure

● Better execution multi global cross area fibbers with arbitrary 3-dimansional media structure catches more particles    contrasted with regular filters

● Wide range of configurations to ensure process compatibility

● high mass media having enhanced void to strong proportion gives higher stream rates with low pressure drop.


Filter Media100% Polypropylene Media
Length10",20",30",40",50" ,60" and Customize.....
Inside Diameter1.1"(28mm)
Outside Diameter2.5"(63mm), 4” , 4.5”
Maximum Temperature180°F  82°C
Micron Rating1, 3 ,5 ,10 ,20 ,25 ,30 ,50 ,75 & 100 micron
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